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M7 Salford Locksmiths is a team of professional locksmiths ready to solve your security problems efficiently and promptly. We are experienced in dealing with various urgent situations that ought to be resolved immediately for the client's peace of mind and safety. As experts in this field, we know the right security measures that suit each situation. We are dedicated to offering locksmith services on a 24-hour schedule for residents of Salford, M7, M6, Greater Manchester and surrounding areas. If you are in need of a locksmith near Salford, give us a call now 07723 425535.

Locksmith Services We Provide

We offer various residential and commercial lock and key services.

Find the Right Locksmith

You need to find a skilled tech, for instance, you want a locksmith, who understands the lock systems you have on your premises. Make sure you only choose professionals with much more than a few months of experience in the industry. As you know, locks are the first layer as far as home security is concerned. Advanced locks ensure your home is safe from people with malicious intentions. When the locks become a problem, you should consider going the DIY shop route.

24/7 Locksmith Near Me

Why M7 Salford Locksmiths?

You might be wondering why should you choose us as your local locksmith in Salford?
We are experienced and certified. As we are 24 hr emergency locksmiths in Salford, you and your relatives from now on have a friend you can call on to rescue in the lock and key emergencies. Over the years, we have established ourselves as service-oriented, mobile and reliable experts. We only recruit from the best so that our customers get services of the highest quality. Our techs are well-trained and skilled in the field of locksmithing.

We aim not only to meet your expectations but exceed them as well by offering nothing but first-class service to you.

If we are asked to think of a motto, it will be: "Customer comes before profits". We are proud to commit ourselves to serving. That is why we have transparent pricing and moderate rates for our services. It's through a happy client that our reputation spreads. You can get the free estimation before ordering. We are here to provide quality remedies to your locksmith needs.

Our Goals and Mission

We choose our staff carefully to offer an unmatched level of customer service to our Salford clients, small and large. Working with M7 Salford Locksmiths will give you comfort in knowing you have trustworthy, experienced, and honest experts securing your vehicle, office, rented dwelling or private house.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Where to Find

Our well-trained locksmiths in Salford specializes in prompt service area assistance. This usually means you can expect help late at night. Or we take reservations for "big" works, so you can schedule an appointment at your convenience.
Meet us in your area: Salford M7, M6, Salford Quays, Manchester, Cheetham Hill, Heaton Chapel, Stockport, Withington, Sale, Urmston, Ellenbrook and near.


Home Security Solutions

Easy Owner Access

Your home security is quite important and must be in pristine condition if you want to forget about the stress. These are some of the tips from the best locksmith in Salford and around.

  1. Start by checking the condition of your locks. Old and outdated locks bring about a lot of problems because of grime and dirt that gets into its mechanisms. Also, the weather can affect how a lock operates.
  2. Install only the appropriate locks. Although deadbolts are important, there is a need to look beyond them. With the right locks installed, burglars will not walk into your home and destroy it.
  3. Always keep your keys in a safe place. That is because most burglars know the common areas where you store your valuables. You need to find ingenious means of keeping your spare keys.
  4. Don't forget to lock doors and windows whenever you are not around. It is unfortunate that most people do not lock windows even fanlights. According to the Greater Manchester police, burglars can pass through the window and open the door from inside. It is not only about locking but also checking that you do it properly. That is necessary if you are taking a short or a long trip.
  5. Make a checklist of every essential step to take for securing your property in case you plan to leave for a, more or less, long time.
  6. Keep the list with useful contacts. In times of stress, you can easily reach the needed service or help. The number of trusted local locksmiths should be in it.

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