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M7 Salford Locksmiths is the name for providing exceptional emergency locksmith services all over Salford and its adjacent Greater Manchester areas. All our locksmith services, including 24-hour emergency locksmith services, garage and safe openings, lock replacements, etc., are designed to be completed in the shortest amount of time so you can return quickly to your own life. Every time we provide our mobile emergency locksmith services, we strive to be on the location within 30 minutes. After that, we fix the lock problems in the least time without any fuss, no matter how challenging it may be.

It all becomes possible by having a team of professional locksmith technicians on our side. All of our locksmiths have years of experience in offering the perfect solution for every residential, commercial and automotive lock problem. Besides that, we have equipped them with best-in-class tools and equipment to fix any kind of lock issues in less time.

Therefore, there is no more need to search for a 24-hour locksmith near me on the internet. Instead, you can completely rely on M7 Salford Locksmiths to experience best-in-class locksmith services in Salford and nearby Greater Manchester.

Areas Where We Operate in Greater Manchester

As a leading 24-hour locksmith in Salford, we have not limited our unparalleled locksmith services only to Salford. Instead, we have catered our services in different Greater Manchester areas. These include:

24/7 Locksmith Near Me


Our locksmith services are available in Alexandra. These include quality residential and commercial locksmith services, garage and safe openings, lock replacements, auto locksmith services, and many more.

Chadderton Central/North/South

If you need professional locksmith services in Chadderton North, Chadderton Central or Chadderton South, look no further than M7 Salford Locksmith. Our mobile locksmith unit is capable of fixing any kind of residential, commercial, or automotive lock problems quickly and efficiently.


M7 Salford Locksmith feels proud to offer top-class mobile locksmith services for Coldhurst residents. Our friendly and professional locksmiths have all the expertise to fix any kind of residential, commercial, or automotive locksmith issues with ease.


Crompton residents are just one call away from experiencing top-class locksmith services from M7 Salford Locksmith. No matter whether you are looking for an emergency locksmith service or the perfect security solution for your homes, offices, or vehicles, you can completely rely on M7 Salford Locksmith to receive a locksmith service in the least time possible.

Failsworth East/West

We know how much an emergency lockout service can be helpful to take you out of that awkward situation, irrespective of wherever you belong and whatever the time is. That is why we have designed our locksmith services on a 24X/7 basis to serve all the residents of Failsworth East and Failsworth West.


We are happy to cater our locksmith services to Hollinwood residents. At M7 Salford Locksmith, our goal is to be your preferred locksmith service provider to help you 24/7.


The M7 Salford Locksmith is eager to offer top-quality locksmith services to Lees residents. Whether you need a security solution to improve home security or office security, or emergency locksmith services, it is hard to find a better locksmith service provider in Lees than us.

Royton North/South

If you need emergency locksmith services or security upgrades in Royton North or Royton South, feel free to contact us at M7 Salford Locksmith. We are the most reliable and licensed locksmith service provider for every lock and key service for homes, offices, or vehicles in Royton North/South.

Saddleworth East/West

Look no further than M7 Salford Locksmith for expert locksmith services in Saddleworth East and Saddleworth West. The locksmith services our mobile locksmith unit provides in Saddleworth East and Saddleworth West are always fast, reliable, and affordable.


There are many locksmith services M7 Salford Locksmith offers in Shaw. From emergency locksmith services to damage-free door opening of your safe, we have included everything in our 24X7 locksmith services exclusively for Shaw residents.


With M7 Salford Locksmith, residents in Waterhead can enjoy top-class mobile locksmith services. Our friendly, professional, and trustworthy locksmith technicians are capable of handling any residential, commercial, and automotive lock and key issues you may encounter in Waterhead.


Whenever you need professional locksmith services in Werneth for emergency or non-emergency locksmith help, you can completely count on the mobile locksmith services from M7 Salford Locksmith. The mobile locksmith services we provide in Werneth are second to none.

In most cases, you won't have a locksmith on your speed dial. And most likely, you probably never thought about researching a certified and experienced locksmith service provider until and unless you need one. But when you hire a locksmith, there are several important things to consider. Instead, you can experience shoddy workmanship, hidden costs and unexpected fees, insurance issues, and many more in the locksmith services. For more information about our cheap 24-hour locksmith services, feel free to reach M7 Salford Locksmith as early as possible. You can call us at 07723 425535 for correspondence.

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